FRDS Project Petelea Village – English

               A RO10-CORAI financed project,programme financed by Granturile SEE                2009-2014, ministered by the Romanian Fund of Social Development

                 The project “A chance for everybody”  7 November 2014-30 April 2016

Venue: Petelea village, Mures district

Financier: FRDS Romania and the Romanian Government

The cost of the project: 714.338 lei

Beneficiaries: 75 children at risk 84 gypsy teens at risk and 120 gypsy parents

The purpose of the project:

Implementing/ Applying measures for vulnerable children by establishing social services such as:

1.The rehabilitation of the Petelea Educational Center

2. “The daily center” the improvement of school attendance of a number of 75 children by offering support and assistance services

3.Improving the access on the working market, developing the abilities and the competences for 84 gypsy teens.

4.Rising the level of acknowledgement of a number of 120 gypsy parents about the importance and the benefits of education

There will also be carried out different activities such as:

Psychological counseling activities, logopedics

Recreative/Relaxing and socializing activities: visits at the museum, trips, games of chess, backgammon, rummy

-four international campaigns for parents

-tutoring activities at Romanian, Maths and English for gymnasium pupils

-homework support activities for children in elementary school

The following goods will be purchased:

6 computers

2 laptops

10 cupboards

30 bureaus

1 multifunctional printer

1 TV set

Video projector

Sound system

6 desks

75 chairs

6 hallstands

Licensed laptop programmes+ office


75 packet of school supplies

75 packets of food during the recovery education training days for the participants at “The Educational Center”

Tachers involved: 2 schoolmasters and 3 teachers

Length of time: 7 November 2014- 30 April 2016

The project’s promoter: Petelea village, Mures district, Padurean Sorin Pompei  Mayor